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We cover Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Surrey and Buckinghamshire.

Why use Verdec?

After many years erecting fences in all weathers, it became apparent that we were repairing more and more fences. Fence posts just didn’t seem to last as long as they used to, due to modern treatment processes. We decided to try and find a better product for our customers and after searching the market we found a product which not only lasts much longer, but also looks good. We want our customers to be able to spend their money on more exciting things than replacing fence posts year on year!

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Verdec's Close Board Fencing System

This is our version of the traditional wooden fence, replacing standard wooden posts with our unique long-life galvanised post system. We use larger gravel boards and 4 rails instead of the usual 3, which not only strengthens the fence but also increases the life span of your fence considerably.

With Verdec's unique system, we can replace and restore individual parts of your fence without having to replace the entire span. Most of our competitors are not able to do this.

Verdec's Contemporary Fencing System

This can incorporate any size or type of fencing panel using our unique galvanised post system.

We’re also able to supply individual galvanised posts to repair individual panels, as well as installing entire fence systems for our customers.

Some of our work

Verdec's system also works with individual gates and doors